Controlled and partecipated companies

#TECNOCASIC, as an instrumental arm of the body which operates following the strategic guidelines put down by the Consortium, is in charge of the management of the consortium technological facilities for the distribution of industrial water, purifying of industrial and urban refluent waters, treatment of solid urban waste, special waste, biological and of industrial origin mud, and of any other facility connected to the protection and the recovery of the environment. Cacip is the sole shareholder of Tecnocasic.

CICT - Cagliari International Container Terminal S.p.A. manages, also through the consortium port facilities, as concessionary of the container terminal (concession of Cagliari's Port Authority) located within the industrial port of Cagliari, the transhipment activities of the industrial port at the service of the entire consortium industrial area. With its shareholding of 8%, the Consortium pursues the institutional objective of enhancing the development of the industrial area and foster the attractiveness of the same area served toward new industrial facilities and in support of the already located activities, with benefits for the asset value of the areas and the consortium's infrastructures.


The Feeder and Domestic Services company, belonging to the Grendi Group, operates a maritime connection by feeder vessels between the ports of Genoa and Cagliari, both in import and in export, for containers of third companies that have traffics of finished products or raw materials destined to or coming from Sardinian companies; the connection is active all year round, 3 times a week. The feeder service operates in concession in two harbour terminals: the Genoa's terminal of 50,000 square metres and the Cagliari's terminal of 40,000 sqm., located inside the industrial port and adjacent to the CICT's transhipment terminal. By the FDS company, the Consortium participates, also using its port facilities, in the activity aimed at fostering commercial traffics to benefit the institutional interest of the industrial development of Macchiareddu's industrial area and neighboring area.

The Cagliari Free Trade Zone company is in charge of the management and programming of the customs free trade zone of Cagliari. The main shareholders are the CACIP Consortium and the Port Authority of Cagliari.